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Am I Mean?

Name: Ally Joughin
Location: Australia
Sexual Preference: I'm Female biatch
5 Bands(or singer):Delta Goodrem, Ashlee simpson, Lindsy Loham, Blink 182, YellowCard
Favorite songs:Case - Crooked Letter, Usher - confessions, Ashlee simpson - shadows, Christina - carwash, kelis - trick me
5 Movies: THE MEAN GIRLS!!! a walk to remember, one ferfect day, freaky friday, a night at the rocksberry & shark tale
Favorite Book: i dont like books they suck ass, sorry.
What makes you a 'MEAN GIRL'?: I'm a cheeky bitch. u gotta hate me to love me <3 i can be adorable on the outside but nasty on the inside - luv ya's - Mwah
Promote in a journal (link it here): ally_central
POST 4 PICTURES. NO GROUPS!:i dont know how to post links sorry?
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